Marjorie Taylor Greene Is Crazy And So Is The Rest Of Congress: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix

Caitlin Johnstone
4 min readJan 31, 2021

I really hope Americans get rid of that dangerous right wing lunatic in congress, by which I mean all of the people in congress.

Marjorie Taylor Greene is not more crazy than all the DC politicians who agree the US should maintain planetary hegemony using bombs, regime change ops, starvation sanctions and nuclear threats. She’s just a less popular genre of crazy.

There is an ideological struggle to determine whether the Republican Party will be the kind of bat shit crazy that believes in QAnon and Jewish Space Lasers or just the kind of bat shit crazy that believes in carpet bombing Iran and destroying the ecosystem for money.

Stop normalizing status quo politics.

Stop normalizing ecocide.

Stop normalizing imperialism.

Stop normalizing mass murder.

Stop normalizing nuclear standoffs.

Stop normalizing starvation sanctions.

Stop normalizing exploitation.

Stop normalizing oppression.

Stop normalizing the mainstream so-called “centrists” who promote these extremist evils.

If people could really grasp how horrific our status quo is, wingnut freaks like Marjorie Taylor Greene wouldn’t stand out against the background, because everyone who helps bolster this murderous and depraved status quo is also a wingnut freak. And there would be just as urgent a push to cast out all the other freaks as there is to cast out her.

The ruling class keeps Americans as poor as possible so they can’t use their money to do naughty things like fund leftist political campaigns or sabotage hedge funds.

People are like two clicks away from burning Wall Street to the ground and setting up guillotines and mainstream analysts are still wringing their hands about how gamer trolls might be compromising the integrity of the market somewhat.

The Democratic Party has a big tent coalition ranging all the way from billionaires, to the lackeys of billionaires, to people who owe favors to billionaires, to people who have been propagandized by billionaires. The whole entire spectrum.

There is absolutely no way the Democratic Party makes the drastic changes we will need to avoid climate collapse or nuclear war. In policy it only promotes slow incremental change, and in practice it promotes no change whatsoever. You’re throwing money and energy into armageddon.

People who think we can be saved by a counter-revolutionary party which never does anything but bolster the status quo have no understanding of how bad things are and how rapidly they are deteriorating.

The way liberals are falling in love with Jen Psaki is very Trumpian and ugly. Don’t celebrity crush on your government’s PR person, it’s gross.

I could understand people being all gaga over Obama for a bit; first Black president, it’s historic and exciting. But the way libs are stanning an old white asshole president and adoring Psaki is just undignified worship of DC royalty.

My current pet conspiracy theory is that both the “Putin Puppet” allegations against Trump and the “Beijing Biden” allegations have their roots in the US intelligence community. Trump greatly ramped up tensions with Russia under that cover; Biden will do the same with China.

Idiot rightists who keep bleating “Beijing Biden” while he ramps up aggressions on China are the new idiot liberals who kept bleating “Putin Puppet” while he ramped up aggression on Russia.

Amid the vast ocean of knowable and unknowable things, a grown adult has scarcely any more knowledge than a newborn. It’s easy to fall into the stale sense of having it all figured out, but in the relative grand scheme of things we’re just babies in a world we do not understand.

I know I’d be taken more seriously by the cool kids if I didn’t post spiritual stuff and kept my more out-there perspectives to myself, but to me that would be manipulative and dishonest. I prefer to just be up front about who I am and where I’m coming from, and you can make up your own mind about me from there.


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