Litvin is once again lying about me when he claims I deleted those tweets (EDIT — Update below). Here is a hyperlink to the thread. The reason he is providing screen shots instead of a link is because it is obvious in the context of the conversation that I am arguing against antisemites who are advancing a conspiracy theory that Jewish people rule the world. I was saying that any success in the financial sector that Jewish people have had can arguably be attributed directly to their persecution, a point I made in the thread using this article by My Jewish Learning. Maybe I didn’t argue skillfully (this isn’t a debate I normally engage in and 280 characters are a poor medium), and I apologize to anyone I offended and am wide open to suggestions on how better to argue this point, but to claim I said the words in Yoav’s out-of-context screen shot out of a hatred for Jewish people is false.

It was very bad form for my Twitter haters to share that screen shot around without linking to the thread. I don’t know how long Litvin has been staring at my tweets waiting for something he can snip out of context to make me look bad, but he’s been actively working to sabotage my career since January 2017, when I was dismissive of his attempts to correct my feminist views on my Facebook page. Here is a thread I posted on Twitter a while back documenting his obsessive hatred for me and his pattern of lying about me.

I am not an antisemite. I reject racism, prejudice and bigotry in all its forms. I write at a ferocious pace while also attempting to bring light to things that are difficult to talk about and on Twitter especially I might not always be as careful as I maybe should be in the way I say things in each individual tweet, but nobody who regularly reads my stuff actually believes that I’m a racist. Here is an article I wrote on the one-year anniversary of the “Caitlin is a secret Nazi” smear campaign started by Litvin and his cohorts in July of 2017 titled “A Year Ago I Wrote About Cross-Ideological Collaboration. Here’s How It’s Been Going:”. It has been a year and a half; if I were a secret Nazi con job or what have you there would surely be some evidence for it. Yoav and his clique claimed a year and a half ago that I would be pacing gullible leftists into Trumpism and sowing the seeds of fascism within the progressive movement by now, and the last year and a half has proved them wrong. You can claim I said things you disagree with a year and a half ago, but history has disproven the notion that I’m trying to manipulate people toward racism and fascism. In fact, history has proven very much the opposite.

Here is an article about me and what I’m trying to accomplish here, for anyone who’s curious:

UPDATE: Litvin has removed his claim that I deleted my tweets once called out on it, without attaching a notification that he did so. Here is a screen shot of what he deleted:

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