Literally Just Me Yelling At People For Their Garbage Takes On Bush’s Eulogy

British pundit Piers Morgan: “Wow. Wonderful tribute by President George W. Bush to his father President George H.W. Bush. Proud, poignant, loving, funny & ultimately very emotional. Remarkable to think of a father and son both ascending to the White House. They must have shared so much together.”

Russiagate pundit Ed Krassenstein: “If you haven’t seen this, please take a minute to watch. George W. Bush tears up while speaking about his father, George H.W. Bush. This is human decency folks! This is love! Don’t let turbulent times let us forget who we are and who we came from.”

Daily Caller journalist Benny Johnson: “We don’t deserve George W. Bush”

Bloomberg Opinion editor James Gibney: “George W. Bush took another step on the road to national redemption with his address and its delivery.”

CNN editor Brenna Williams: “The candy pass between Michelle Obama and George W. Bush, mirroring the one that warmed our hearts during the funeral of John McCain.”

Dr. Dena Grayson: “No matter your politics, it’s heart wrenching to watch the raw emotions of the Bush family’s grief.”

Candace Owens: “Say what you will about the Bush family but everyone needs to credit them for this wonderful display of honor, dignity & respect. Sadly, this is the note the McCain family failed to hit amidst their display of petty anger and partisanship. Rest In Peace, George H.W Bush!”



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