JOHNSTONE February Issue: Exposing The Ugly Reality Of War Crimes

Caitlin Johnstone
3 min readFeb 24, 2024

The February edition of JOHNSTONE is now available and ready to order or download, with this month’s issue again focused on the destruction of Gaza and the plight of Julian Assange.

As of this writing Assange’s fate for publishing on US war crimes is being deliberated by British judges while the rest of the world is being startled awake to the reality of what the pat phrase “war crimes” has really meant this whole time. For too long the western empire has successfully hidden its depravity from its subjects, but the stark reality of Gaza and the images of what western bombs do to human flesh now means we can’t pretend that exposing war crimes is the kind of journalism we can do without.

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Contents of the February issue:

A Dementia Patient Is President Because It Doesn’t Matter Who The President Is … 3

“In The War Of Propaganda, It Is Very Difficult To Defeat The United States” … 6

Continuing To Support Israel At This Point Just Means You’re A Garbage Human Being … 10

Ignore What Western Officials Say About Israel; Watch Their Actions Instead … 12

Israel Weaponizes Sympathy And Victimhood … 15

The Perfect Recipe For A Real Antisemitism Crisis … 18

The US Keeps Bombing People While Saying It Doesn’t Want To Fight … 20

You Only Need To Cage A Bird If It Knows That It Can Fly … 24

Israel-Palestine Isn’t ‘Complicated’, You Just Support Killing Palestinians … 26

Dystopia Is Here Already … 28

Democrats Are Demented Genocidal War Sluts … 30

CNN’s CEO Is Making Staff Churn Out Israel Propaganda … 33

Five Things Liberals Say To Avoid Taking A Real Position On Gaza … 36

Nobody Who Gets Gaza Wrong Is Worth Listening To … 37

Biden Says The US “Does Not Seek Conflict In The Middle East” While Actively Dropping Bombs There … 40

Never Before Has The Empire Been So Exposed … 42

The Western Press Are Just Printing Straight Up Nazi Propaganda About Middle Easterners Now … 44

However Bad You Think Israel Is, It’s Worse … 48

The Empire Depends On Our Unwillingness To Look At Its Crimes … 50

Kettling Gazans Into Rafah And Then Attacking Rafah, Killing UNRWA Funding Without Evidence … 52

The Western Press Is Invite-Only … 55

Exposing The Ugly Reality Of War Crimes … 56

We Think This Dystopia Is Normal Like People In Abusive Relationships Think It’s Normal … 58

Crocodile Tears Over Navalny While Ignoring Assange … 60

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Again, you can get a paperback copy of this issue by clicking here, or a digital copy by clicking here.



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