So RT is not an organ of state propaganda. “RT is a news outlet” that covers stories only because they are newsworthy and undercovered in the West.

It’s both news and propaganda. Just like CNN.

I get that many Jill Stein voters hated Clinton more than Trump, and wouldn’t vote for Clinton even to keep a racist, narcissistic, mentally unstable dotard away from the nuclear button, That point has been well made, but that’s not Left leadership, that’s Left self-service. What you overlook is the way those same forces downplayed the virulent white supremacy that had made a home in the Trump camp, while they prattled on and on about “THE EMAILS!!!” You also ignore the large number of people convinced not to vote at all by the Left meme that there was no real difference between the two contenders and Trump really wasn’t that bad after all, plus at least he’s not a warmonger, plus he had no chance of winning, so feel free to vote your conscience even if you don’t buy our first argument.

I’m not sure how to respond to this paragraph, as it doesn’t have any discernible arguments in it.

I said the “Jill not Hill” meme was aimed at winning Clinton voters, and not Trump voters, to Stein, and since she had no chance of winning, that call was objectively beneficial to Trump.

Uh huh. And Jill’s many, many, many attacks on Trump were designed to win over Trump voters. She argued against all her political opponents because that’s what a political candidate does. What part of this are you not understanding?

Polls never put her anywhere near the 5% but she needed for Federal funding, but until the end she used this a false reason to vote for her rather than to stop Trump.

Some polls had her far closer than 1.1%. You keep repeatedly arguing that the Green Party should have made the unprecedented and self-destructive move of declining to run a presidential candidate in 2016, in violation of the promises they made to their donors to run the best campaign possible, on the off chance that a few Stein voters might vote for Clinton. This is absurd, and I think you know it.

While what is happening to Puerto Ricans on the island falls far short of “a deliberate institutionalized genocidal extermination program,” to use your stringent requirements

Uhh, yes, fatalities resulting from a natural disaster do indeed fall short of a deliberate genocidal extermination program to slaughter millions of people. My god.

it’s a start,

No, it really isn’t.

and the Trump reign is still very young.

It’s a year old. At what date will you admit you were wrong about the nationwide concentration camps rounding up and exterminating all non-whites? 2018? 2019? 2020?

Caitlin, that last paragraph. Are you saying that the Trump administration is no more racist that the Obama administration, or are you saying that racism really isn’t worth mentioning as compared to the “destructive neoliberal neoconservative Orwellian legacy” stuff?

Trump’s obnoxious and vaguely racist tweets are very clearly and obviously less problematic than slaughtering a million Iraqis, installing an Orwellian surveillance network, raping Libya, Syria and Yemen, an increasingly militarized police force and the bolstering of the soul-crushing Walmart economy under Bush and Obama. And Trump’s continuation and expansion of those things is unquestionably more problematic than his obnoxious tweets.

I write about the end of illusions.

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