“It totally seems like something Putin would do” is not the same thing as proof. Yes of course it’s reasonable to think Russia would try to meddle in America’s elections, especially since America openly admits to meddling in Russia’s elections in 1996, but there are currently no hard facts confirming this is a thing that pass the post-Iraq smell test. The fact that we have still to this day been shown zero proof is extremely suspicious, and at this point says more about their allegations than the allegations themselves.

You brought up Iraq earlier, but there was a clear ulterior motive at play when the Bush admin manipulated the intel; they wanted to go to war. What’s the point here, if, as you suggest, the IC is making all this up?

America’s unelected power establishment wants regime change in both Moscow and Damascus. I explain it in my Russiagate Debunkery series.

I write about the end of illusions.

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