Is that how you always react when a woman hands you your ass? You make up lies and report her to the authorities like a whiny little pusscake? And the fact I didn’t race back here to refresh the page breathlessly awaiting your reply? How deeply arrogant. I write an article every day, and I do multiple interviews, and hours of research. You are at the bottom of my pile.

Here is a taste of what I was writing about at the time of the primaries, and I have the testimony of many thousands of people on Facebook in the Bernie groups that I worked as hard as anyone to throw him over the line.

I am 100 percent reader-funded. Your delusion that there is a red under your bed funding everything you don’t like is pure Soviet-kitsch paranoia. Life is not a James Bond movie. About 430 individual Americans collaborate to pay my paycheck each month, and I believe the list is available publicly so my transparency is bar none.

But honestly, fuck you anyway. Fuck you for thinking you can shut down voices you don’t like because they make you feel uncomfortable, no matter where in the globe they come from. There are people in Russia who don’t like Americans, and that’s okay. They’re allowed to have their own thoughts and feelings about things, and they are allowed to have an opinion on what the US government does to them. Bullying everyone into thinking your way or they get silenced is a truly obnoxious position that only the most poisonous narcissist would take. People will think things that you don’t like. Get over it. Unless you want to install your own gulag and silence them yourself, you’re just going to have to learn to be okay with other points of view.

I write about the end of illusions.

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