Imperialism Is Capitalism’s Life Support System: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix

Just another friendly reminder that establishment propaganda is the single most overlooked and under-emphasized aspect of our society and the left will never accomplish any of its goals until it prioritizes countering mass-scale manipulation above all else.

Western imperialism is capitalism’s life support system. Without the US-centralized empire constantly sabotaging socialist governments, propping up global financial institutions and controlling commerce and currency at gunpoint, capitalism would’ve died long ago.

Pull the plug.

Capitalism is collectivism in denial. Money only works the way it works and exists the way it exists because we all collectively agree to pretend that those made-up, imaginary conceptual constructs are real. The collective is free to change that collective agreement at any time.

Capitalism is collectivism. If the collective wants to switch to another form of collectivism that doesn’t let people starve and die for not having enough imaginary numbers in their bank accounts, the collective is free to change the rules of its collective improvisation.

Becoming more conservative as you age isn’t maturity, it’s an admission that your values are based entirely on securing your own net worth.

Representation is important so that everyone can buy into the fiction that anyone can make it to the top in this system.

Silicon Valley coordinates its censorship of speech with the United States government, which is really just government censorship with a middle man. Government censorship outsourced to corporations is still government censorship, in the same way that a military occupation outsourced to mercenaries is still a military occupation.

We’re always just talking about different iterations of the same single event: the wealthy and powerful want more wealth and power, and stories are spun to advance this agenda. This same one event plays out in different forms day after day after day. That’s all we’re ever seeing.

The way Democrats constantly blame Republican obstructionism for their own obstruction of progress reminds me of the time I was drugged and raped in a hotel bathroom. I remember fumbling at the door latch trying to get it open and my attacker saying “Uh-oh, we’re locked in!” Then I looked down and saw his foot against the door.

Stop protecting sexual predators. All of them, not just the ones in the rival political faction. This sick dynamic where each side only criticizes the predation of the other side rests on the unspoken, bat shit insane premise that only the other faction has men who are predators.

The way sexual predation by powerful men is only ever attacked by their political rivals proves that rape still in 2021 is not taken seriously by our society. Still in 2021 it’s “Yes rape culture is bad, half of us will deal with it when it is politically convenient for us to do so.” Still to this day it is first and foremost a weapon of political convenience, not an urgent problem which must be solved.

If you want to protect the interests of your political faction, turn your political faction into a space where women are nurtured into strong people instead of destroyed by sexual predation. You’re protecting poison that is poisoning your own fucking party.

Being “on the left” can become a very treasured and aggressively protected part of someone’s identity. That’s why criticizing such a person’s perspective from the left can land you on their shit list for life: for them it feels like you’re attacking their core identity, as much as if you’d physically attacked them.

Too many seekers of enlightenment experience a significant shift in consciousness and then immediately ruin it by asking “Now how can I make this serve me?” instead of “How can I serve this?”

Anger is like strength: it can be used productively or destructively. It can be used in a very violent, irresponsible and unconscious way, or it can be used to push someone out of your sovereign area where they have overextended. The trouble for us as a collective is that at this point in time our anger is deliberately redirected everywhere except where it belongs.


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