If you had a modicum of curiosity about what real feminine sexuality looks like, and if you had ever experienced the heat of a woman fully turned-on, then you would know why women need committed relationships as a baseline for good sex. Everything about our biology internally screams that we need safety and long-term commitment to enjoy sex because for our bodies, sex can always result in motherhood which we need a lot of help to do. Our bodies know that in order to have a baby, we need a partner who is willing to support us in every way. Every cell in us knows that sex can result in a baby, and a baby for us is a life-changing, body-changing, career-changing cataclysm and it’s not something you go into it lightly. That’s why our turn-on is so fickle. We need to be 100 percent relaxed and 100 percent trusting of our partner to experience our natural turn-on.

Women regret a lot of sex they have. Everyone says that like it’s the womens’ fault. It’s not our fault, it’s just a product of our biology and the result of your ignorance. If you really love women, you will help us uncover our turn-on and return our sexuality to full working order.

Or you can keep being an asshole and continue to use our bodies to masturbate with, while our minds travel elsewhere. Your choice, Rick. You listen and learn and change and maybe get to experience the real thing one day, or you continue to wank into girls like a sports sock and die never experiencing a woman in full flight.

So yes women want full, committed relationships. That’s good and healthy and normal and sexy. You using us like a box of Kleenex is the unhealthy thing.

I write about the end of illusions.

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