If This Tweet Bothers You, It’s Because You’re A Piece Of Shit

America’s WWE Hall-of-Famer internet troll president — currently lurking at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue because that’s how spectacularly unelectable the heiress to the Clinton dynasty was and is — has just made a series of tweets celebrating a ceasefire negotiation in Syria and calling for a constructive relationship with Russia. If you have a problem with this, it is because you are a reprehensible neocon piece of shit with whom I should not have to share a planet.

No offense.

The Twitterverse is of course already exploding, with McResistance Maddow muppets pounding out furious responses to Trump with heavy fingers and countless hysterical corporate media articles being written as I type the end of this sentence. A new article by the CIA-funded Washington Post is being frantically circulated about Russian hackers having infiltrated America’s energy companies with no skepticism whatsoever, despite WaPo’s having leveled a very similar accusation about Russian hackers infiltrating America’s power grid a few short months ago which was proven to have been 100 percent false from top to bottom. These horrible omnicidal maniacs have somehow taken a ceasefire in Syria and an improvement in relations between two nuclear superpowers and twisted that into being a bad thing. This is unacceptable, inexcusable, and damn near unforgivable. These people are literally traitors to their species.

Let me say this as clearly as I can: there is no valid reason to oppose the de-escalation of tensions between two nuclear superpowers. None. If you think that Trump has done a bad thing by purportedly working toward these de-escalations, I want you off of my planet before your idiotic neocon warmongering gets us all killed, you amoral fucking psychopath. The world would literally be better off without you. No I am not joking, no I am not exaggerating my position to make a point, and yes, I mean you, personally.

Stephen Cohen, easily the foremost American authority on US-Russian relations, has been delivering the message over and over and over again with increasing urgency that the pressures arising from the debunked Russiagate conspiracy theory have placed us in a situation that is in some crucial ways more dangerous than the height of the Cuban Missile Crisis, which brought us within a hair’s breadth of nuclear annihilation. The fact that Trump faces unprecedented pressure to maintain escalations with a nuclear superpower under the threat of political repercussions should he ever yield an inch combined with Cohen’s description of the following situation places us in a uniquely dangerous situation:

“You know it’s easy to joke about this, except that we’re at maybe the most dangerous moment in US-Russian relations in my lifetime, and maybe ever. And the reason is that we’re in a new cold war, by whatever name. We have three cold war fronts that are fraught with the possibility of hot war, in the Baltic region where NATO is carrying out an unprecedented military buildup on Russia’s border, in Ukraine where there is a civil and proxy war between Russia and the west, and of course in Syria, where Russian aircraft and American warplanes are flying in the same territory. Anything could happen.”

A 2014 report published in the journal Earth’s Future found that it would only take the detonation of 100 nuclear warheads to throw 5 teragrams of black soot into the earth’s stratosphere for decades, blocking out the sun and making the photosynthesis of plants impossible, starving every terrestrial organism to death that didn’t die of radiation or climate chaos first. The United States and Russia currently have about 7,000 nuclear warheads apiece that we know of.

So yes, I’m going to be fucking furious with anyone who feeds into those political pressures and tries to push the US president away from de-escalation and detente. These are my kids you’re threatening. This is everything I’ve ever loved that your moronic partisan agendas are putting at risk. I don’t care if you personally saw Vladimir Putin himself hacking a voting machine, there is no valid reason for you to support heightened tensions between two nuclear superpowers with innumerable moving parts where anything could go wrong in any instant. You don’t get to push my species into extinction just because Rachel Maddow told you a scary bedtime story. You can fuck right off with that shit.

Every human being on earth should support Trump and Putin in de-escalating tensions between the US and Russia and want these two countries to get along. This has been the stupidest game of chicken that anyone has ever played, and it needs to end forever. If you have a problem with this, you need to get the fuck over yourself and go find some other way to masturbate your idiotic partisan loyalties. You hate Trump? Fine. You want to try and get him impeached? Fine. Do it some other way that doesn’t involve risking the life of every organism on this planet.

This world is oh so beautiful, and life is oh so fragile, and our stay here is oh so tenuous. Our species has enough looming hurdles it’s going to have to clear in the near future without having to worry about getting us all killed over some dumbass deep state power struggle. For the love of ever living fuck let’s please get a fucking grip and put this Russia nonsense behind us once and for all.

— — —

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I write about the end of illusions.

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