I Permanently Release All Copyrights To All My Writing. Use Any Of It However You Want.

Caitlin Johnstone
3 min readApr 5, 2019

When journalist Elizabeth Vos told me on Twitter today that one of my posts should be on bumper stickers, coffee mugs and t-shirts, my first thought was, “Man, I don’t have time for that.” And my second thought was, “But hey, maybe some other people might.”

On that note, I hereby release all copyrights to all of my writing to the people of the world*. This includes tweets, blogs, poems, digital or print, past writing or future writing, to be used however anyone wants to use them. Put them on bumper stickers, coffee mugs or t-shirts, turn them into pamphlets or books, to distribute for free or for your own profit, or anything in between. You are free to credit me or not, or to claim authorship yourself.

I’ll attach an appropriate legal notification to this effect in all future posts, but for now this blog post (and feel free to archive it) serves as my official notification that nobody who uses anything I’ve ever written or ever will write for any purpose will ever face any legal action from myself or anyone associated with me for doing so. My work belongs to everyone, and if you see anything you want to put out there, I encourage you to use it. No need to contact me before or after doing so.

My reasons for doing this are entirely selfish; I’m trying to seed healthy ideas into an unhealthy world, but my own reach and time is limited. I would like to live in a healthy world, so if you help circulate healthy ideas you’re helping me. I’m supported by entirely voluntary donations from readers, so I don’t depend on copyrights to pay my bills. I am choosing to exercise the freedom that this gives me by letting anyone use my words who wants to.

If you’d like to make a few bucks selling books of my work or bumper stickers of my turns of phrase or whatever, please do so in whatever way you choose. If you think you can help advance a healthy cause by circulating my words, please do so in whatever way you choose. If you feel motivated to spread my work around on digital or print media, please do so in whatever way you choose. I feel comfortable that my writings are healthy, so as far as I’m concerned you’ll only be bringing more health into the world.

Thank you in advance,

Caitlin Johnstone

*Racist platforms excluded.


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