I know that you are wrong, actually, and I will debate you and you will lose. I want you to re-read my post and actually directly address all the points I made first, though. You deliberately ignored my point about the FBI’s Iraq lies, Mueller’s Iraq lies, the obvious fact that the FBI is part of the US intelligence community, literally every single thing I said about the Reality Winner leak, and the fact that Podesta is known to have left his password lying around everywhere.

After you have thoroughly addressed every single one of those arguments point by point without avoiding a single one, you may address the following:

  1. Indications of “a nation-state like Russia” are still not anything remotely resembling evidence that a phishing operation was directed by the Kremlin to exfiltrate Podesta’s emails.
  2. The NSA was either wrong or lying about France’s elections, which damages their credibility on this front.
  3. You need to post this “evidence Russia gave the leaked emails to Wikileaks” in your next response. Again: hard, verifiable evidence. Not assertions. Evidence.
  4. WikiLeaks has published leaks on Russia both before and after 2016.

Address every single one of these points in your next response, thoroughly and with intellectual honesty. I have a zero tolerance policy for the squirming and avoiding you did in your last response, and if you do it again you are done here.

I write about the end of illusions.

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