I just watched “Wedding Crashers” last night, a wildly popular feel-good movie about two guys spending every weekend tricking women into having sex with them. The tricking-women-into-sex theme was the hot-topic of every sitcom there for a while, from “Friends” to “How I Met Your Mother.”

Culture teaches us through this meme that it’s okay to trick women into having sex under false pretences. Is that rape? Not technically, but it’s fraud. It’s okay to defraud a woman out of her control of her own sexuality in our culture. It’s okay to make a woman think that your interest in intimacy with her is because you’re interested in a relationship when you actually just want to stick your cock in her and never see her again. That’s hella rapey and I want it changed.

Rape culture is the air we breathe. You just can’t see it because it doesn’t hurt your sexuality, it emboldens it.

I write about the end of illusions.

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