“I found myself having to do mental gymnastics to get Hillary elected. I tried. What I have concluded is that if you have to do all that work to justify a candidate maybe there is something legitimately wrong with the candidate and the system that is pushing them.”

I haven’t figured out how to respond with the highlight in the little box; if any Medium vets know how to do that can you let me know?

Anyway, yes, that’s it exactly. Thank you Scott. If we have to change who we are and subvert our core values in order to collaborate with someone, something’s deeply wrong. Leaders should make us want to be better, not worse.

“What is the difference between a progressive and a liberal? I wasn’t aware that people were separating the two ideas.”

I’ll let the bird man himself explain that one:

Phil Ochs also highlighted the difference perfectly more than fifty years ago, and the difference remains essentially unchanged to this day.

I write about the end of illusions.

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