Caitlin, yo-u keep making this claim but I have personally asked you twice and now a third time to substantiate this claim you keep making that America in in complete control o-f Australia and stops you from having your own Government, do you dodge this because you know your claim is a lie?

I have no idea who you are or what you’re talking about. Many people try to talk to me throughout the day and I can only talk to some of them. I’ve never dodged you.

Australis had force gun confiscation, something not possible in America, in fact most of your policies have no comparison to America, in fact you even have an extremely strict anti-immigration policy, something many Conservatives in America would like but never see. You have very extreme global warming initiatives and very strong social welfare bordering on socialism, so how exactly do you claim America is in direct and exclusive control over Australia?

Straw man; nobody said anything about “direct and exclusive control”. The power establishment that is loosely based in the United States does not control the minutiae of our government; it has no reason to. It controls our foreign policy, economy, alliances and trade agreements; it takes no interest in our domestic policy.

Actually it seems you are only motivated by money.

That’s moronic. If I was motivated by money I’d be doing something that makes a lot more money.

I write about the end of illusions.

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