I have a fantastic solution to this and I’m sure you’ll agree with it because it’s really fair.

Let’s ensure that both men and women are fully responsible for any children that they might conceive through sexual activity.

I propose that both the father and the mother are required to sign up to a child support agency before any child is born, even if they are a couple and they intend to have the child together, but especially if they are single. Both father and mother must commit to 18 years of supporting the child financially before 12 weeks into the pregnancy. The agency will work out the care vs financial support arrangement. The father must commit to financially supporting the mother for the first six months, and also for any shortfall in her retirement funds over the duration of caring for the child. Of course that would be reversed if the father was the at-home carer.

Genius, huh? That way both genders have to take full control of their sexuality. Young men will quickly learn that getting laid is not a sport, that guilting, coercing, low-key raping or negging a young woman into sex could have life-changing consequences, and that they need to think about every new sexual ‘conquest’ as someone they could potentially be supporting for a long time.

And maybe they too will break out in a cold sweat occasionally wondering if that one-night-stand is going to change their life forever and put them at a severe financial disadvantage, just like young women do every time they skip a period. Of course, they don’t have to sacrifice their bodies, careers, or short and longterm plans like a woman does, but it’s a start.

How fair is that? I thought you’d like it. :)

I write about the end of illusions.

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