I don’t follow your conversations with other people, but I just looked. He definitely did not come anywhere remotely close to admitting to being a Nazi. He talked about the Trilateral Commission, you called him a Nazi for it, and he basically spent the rest of the time calling you a cartoon for “throwing around” such a label. I can certainly understand why someone would do such a thing rather than do the bizarre “I promise I’m not a Nazi” dance you’re demanding they do just because they disagreed with you about communism or the Trilateral Commission. I see nothing in a glance at Steven Sicular’s history indicating that he is anything other than a conservative who doesn’t like Marxism.

I really don’t think you are good at this, no. You think you’re seeing secret Nazis hiding behind every rock and tree and have created a highly slanted and unscientific self-confirming system which you feel proves you right. If I go around accusing everyone of being an Illuminati lizard person and declaring myself correct every time they scoff and dismiss me rather than saying “I promise I’m not an Illuminati lizard person,” I am quite sure I’d get similar results.

This is getting really disconcerting, I have to be honest. Are you going to start calling me a Nazi just because I don’t see Nazis, Nazis everywhere like you do? You did recently jump on me completely out of the blue, after following me for many months, suddenly accusing me of Nazi collaboration. How much of an “I promise I’m not secretly Hitler” dance am I going to have to do to assuage your Nazis, Nazis everywhere thing?

I write about the end of illusions.

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