1. I don’t believe I ever once mentioned the FBI, but yes, they lie as well and continue to exhibit the same disgusting sociopathic behavior as they did under J Edgar Hoover. They are also listed multiple times in the article about Iraq lies I hyperlinked to in this article. Mueller is also an Iraq liar and former FBI.
  2. Literally every word of this is false. Nothing in the Reality Winner leak contained evidence of anything other than phishing attempts on corporations that were loosely involved with elections systems, which has nothing to do with any other part of the Russiagate narrative. Greenwald had nothing to do with her being turned in.
  3. “a nation-state like Russia” is not evidence. There’s not even any reason to believe the publication came from the phishing attempt; Podesta is known to have left his password lying around everywhere.

Arguing that interference, if proven, could have influenced the election is an invalid argument. The claimant needs to prove that it did.

If election meddling is unacceptable than the US government needs to shut the fuck up until it stops being its single worst offender on the planet.

There’s no evidence that Russia leaked the DNC emails, so there’s no evidence that Sanders was helped by Russia.

If you think all your extremely flimsy arguments warrant “pushing back” by pressuring Donald Trump to continually escalate a new cold war with a nuclear superpower, well, I’m not particularly interested in arguing with you about that right now.

I write about the end of illusions.

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