Please don’t pretend this article is anything but politically motivated. You single out CNN, you present no evidence of your own that the US intelligence community lied (even though you assert it to be fact)

I did, actually. The text of my article contains a hyperlink (the underlined portions of text are hyperlinks) to this article about how the US intelligence community lied about Iraq:

and there is actually evidence in the public domain that Russian hackers did seek to influence the election in favour of Trump.

You are wrong. There are assertions in the public domain. There is zero evidence.

You go on to cite the nefarious actions of previous governments as a reason to distrust today’s intelligence agencies. You legitimise Russian election meddling by pointing to American meddling in foreign countries — it wasn’t right when America did it and it isn’t right now.

This argument was addressed in full in the text of the article that you are commenting on.

You seek to discredit reputable news sources and all the intelligence agencies who speak with a single voice on the subject by explaining it all away with a baseless conspiracy theory.

Russiagate is a baseless conspiracy theory, per definition. Your “reputable news sources” were 100 percent complicit in lying the world into Iraq. They are not reputable.

I write about the end of illusions.

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