“here even implying we must stop criticizing bad ideas on the right.”

I definitely implied nothing of the sort, and fact repeatedly and explicitly said the exact opposite:

“This obviously doesn’t mean compromising on our values one iota or abandoning our ideological principles.”

“We can still work to advance all the other important issues that we are passionate about while working side-by-side against this one world-endangering threat.”

I get you want to increase your following,

That’s a baseless and obnoxious accusation. I’m trying to get us past the obstacles keeping us from effectively standing against a possible third and final world war.

But the fact is we’re individuals. If people agree with me our foreign policy has been a string of disasters, our CIA is out of control, and we have lost all credibility and integrity to conduct war. GREAT!! They should agree with me. If they turn around and say something stupid about deporting Mexicans, then I’m not united with them on that.

You’re literally saying all the same things I’m saying, just sprinkling some obnoxious accusations and absurd strawmen on top for some weird reason.

I write about the end of illusions.

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