Hillary Will Be Despised As Long As Dems Keep Blaming People For Trump

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Can I let you guys in on a little secret? I don’t give a shit about Hillary Clinton anymore.

I don’t. Do not care. I built my whole career on tearing her down, and for a while after the election I still felt the urge to give her a kick to make sure she stayed down, but I don’t care about her anymore. The world has moved on, our species has been thrust into a new cold war between two nuclear superpowers, Trump is continuing and expanding all the insane policies of Obama and Bush, and I’ve got more important things to worry about than some decaying, irrelevant alcoholic who shows up every few months to say that Trump should be dropping more bombs on Syria.

I don’t care about Hillary Clinton. I barely even care about the Democratic party; it’s just sitting there like a big useless ball of inertia without changing anything so there’s hardly anything to say about it. I have no wood for the Awan brothers, I am indifferent to the Menendez trial, I am disinterested in Loretta Lynch, I don’t care if Clinton ever gets locked up for the email thing, and I am not even that interested in the Seth Rich murder unless it helps snap America out of its moronic death dance with Russia. At this point I just want our species to avoid extinction and enslavement, and that won’t be helped along by events which will effect no change other than to make the Democratic party a little more unpopular than it already is. Unless you can actually destroy the entire party and replace it with something healthy all you’re doing is helping the Republicans, who are just as worthless. There’s nothing useful in that direction right now.

I do not care about Hillary Clinton anymore, and I think there are a lot of people just like me. We’d happily forget all about her, except there are all these fucking Democrats who are still trying to blame people for President Trump. You can’t keep acting like Clinton losing was some awful, horrible tragedy that could have been avoided if not for Bernie Sanders, Bernie-or-Busters, Jill Stein voters, Russia, WikiLeaks, etc., and then expect people not to push back on that. Saying that people were wrong to allow Clinton to lose is saying they should have helped her to win, which is saying that Clinton should be president right now. As long as you’re saying Clinton should be president you’re naturally going to have a large group of people saying “Uhh, no she shouldn’t.”

But they just can’t stop. The bizarre Peter Daou is currently devoting his entire Twitter page to the task of kvetching about everyone who dislikes Clinton and his insipid new Clintonist website, and establishment loyalists everywhere are whining that people are piling on poor widdle Hillary for smearing Bernie Sanders in her new book.

You can’t have it both ways, Democrats. You can’t keep bitching and bitching and bitching and bitching that Hillary should have won the election day after day after day after day, and then cry with Bambi-eyed dismay, “Why are you still picking on Hillary?? She lost! Move on!” It doesn’t work that way, Democrats. Everyone else will move on when you move on.

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And that includes you, Hillary. As tarnished as your image may be, it’s not nearly as eyebrow-raising as your reality. The best thing for you to do right now is exit public life for good and let your trusty band of loyalists subtly rewrite history and your personality into something less disturbing.

It’s really fascinating to watch the more ardent supporters of Hillary trying their darnedness to hide their cringe when she shows back up again. They can go months banging on about how awesome she is and what a wonderful president she would have made and expounding and extrapolating her imaginary virtues while she’s not here, but as soon as she turns up again there’s a palpable intake of breath. On the outside, it’s a big fixed smile and an “Oh yay, Hillary!” but on the inside they’re all “Oh dear god, what’s she gonna say this time…”

And she never disappoints. There’s always at least one train wreck to clean up after, one nasty implication which needs reframing, which they dutifully do until it gets too much and they tip over the edge into screaming “I’m so sick of hearing about Hillary, she lost, let’s move on!” By which time Hillary is back in the woods and we’ve had our fun and we move on.

And it’s worth remembering that that’s the kind of presidency we would have had from her. Far from being one long endless brunch, she would have rocketed from one public relations disaster to the next, her people running behind her cleaning up the mess. Hillary didn’t get to where she is today because she surrounded herself with yes men, she got to the top by surrounding herself with “Oh dear god, don’t say that” people — the very best that money can buy. The now infamous “straightjacket” section of the book she tells in her own words of how hard her staffers had to work to get her to not commit political suicide by going after Bernie’s very popular policies. And she still thinks she should have raked him over for them, even after his policies have gained even more traction since.

Imagine if she’d been let loose on her lonesome! That terrible campaign was her self-sabotage impulses on a tight leash; imagine how quickly she would have tanked if it was all left up to her. And her famously “suboptimal” instincts wouldn’t miraculously get any better just because she moved into the Oval Office. She would have been the same kind of person as a president as she is in her public life now, and we wouldn’t have had these long, blissful respite periods where she disappears into the woods. It would have been one long, blood-soaked, shame politics, “misstated” presidency where the public would have been instructed to ignore the sick feeling in their belly as she squeezed them dry while barging through another of her donor’s policies, and cheer her on because yay, woman president.

And that’s what we remember every time we get blamed for Trump. Every time Hillary people or Hillary herself tries to blame her own self-sabotage on everyone but her, we remember what she is and what she would have been like. And we shudder.

As a new poll rolled in showing that President Trump’s plummeting popularity is still somehow higher than Hillary Clinton’s, the Syrian army scored a major victory by breaking the ISIS siege on Deir Ezzor. The SAA was aided in this victory by the Russian air force, who Clinton had insisted during her campaign was completely ignoring ISIS. With the help of Russia’s air power the Syrian government is well on its way toward stabilizing the nation, with Obama’s Ambassador to Syria Robert Ford already going so far as to reluctantly concede that Assad has won. Hillary Clinton wanted to invade Syria and install a no-fly zone to prevent the Russian and Syrian air forces from being used at all. In addition to risking a hot war with both Russia and Syria, this would have definitely prevented the Assad government’s victories over terrorist factions that we are seeing today, thus preventing the nation from finally knowing peace.

We did not make the wrong decision by refusing to back Hillary Clinton. She was the greater evil and it is a good thing that she lost. People like me wouldn’t have to keep saying this if Democrats would stop trying to gaslight us into thinking she should be president right now, and speaking for myself I’m more than happy to move on as soon as you Clintonists are ready. If you want to move on, move on.

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