Hey. Dude. Put down the sword. I’m on your side. This is commiseration, not “glee.” Read it again.

I have done my best on this side of the fence to show my vagina hat friends what you guys have been trying to achieve, and how noble your anti-stupid-endless-wars stance is, and I’ve been telling them to shut the fuck up about the “Putin’s puppet” thing (but that just gets me called one.)

And yeah sure, I don’t know how to use your language properly and I’m not one of you, but I see what you’re trying to do and I support it.

We’re not all idiots over here. There’s actually quite a few of us who have been standing in the middle of this liberal insanity with our eyes growing ever wider. You have supporters here. Not for everything obviously, but we have more in common than we don’t.

Love, a lefty anti-globalist (rare, endangered).

PS — here’s just one of my pieces from a while ago for extra context.

Opening para —

The only viable rebellion against the American establishment isn’t happening on the left, it’s happening on the right.

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Yeah. Ouch.

It’s true though, and we need to admit it. The hippies became yuppies, the Occupy movement fizzled, the only protests in the streets you see happening on the left anymore are liberals who are upset that a warmongering Wall Street crony didn’t get elected, most Berners were persuaded to throw their support behind establishment nepotism and corruption, Sanders himself is now being bandied about by sleazebags like Chuck Schumer as the man to lure disenfranchised progressives back to the establishment, and Hillary supporters are still going around accusing everyone who mentions WikiLeaks of being a Russian agent like a bunch of witch-hunting McCarthyists from the fifties.

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