Goodbye, My Love, Goodbye

(Any musicians out there who feel inspired to put this to song are enthusiastically invited to do so. Make any changes to the lyrics/title you want.)

Hello my love, I brought the dog
and that old rug you like.
Tessa took that job in Sydney;
Petey’s learning to ride a bike.
Molly made a viral TikTok,
though I’m not sure what that means;
you know it’s hard to understand their stuff
once they get into their teens.

And anyway they’ll be here soon;
you can hear it straight from them
if you’ll just hang on a little while
the whole gang’s flying in.
They’d really like to see you, love,
so if you wouldn’t mind
just hanging round a moment more
so they can say goodbye.

You haven’t said a word in months;
haven’t known my name in years.
I’ve said a thousand prayers in vain
and shed a million tears.
It’s been heartbreak after heartbreak
as you’ve slowly slipped away;
still none of that prepared me for
this long-arriving day.

The hospice says it won’t be long;
my heart says that can’t be.
In ways it feels like we just met
that evening by the sea.
I was still getting to know you,
so my love I ask you why
they’re telling me it’s time to come
and say our last goodbye.

Do you remember when they caught us
making love out by the docks?
Or when that couple picked a fight with us
and found out we could box?
We had so many magic days
and passion potion nights,
but now it’s closing time, my love.
They’re shutting off the lights.

It’s been so long, yet it’s too soon,
oh but babe you are so tired,
and I promised you no feeding tube
and I won’t be made a liar.
So I take your wrinkled hand in mine
and swear to you that I
will love you for eternity.
Goodbye, my love, goodbye.




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I write about the end of illusions.

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Caitlin Johnstone

Caitlin Johnstone

I write about the end of illusions.

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