Venerated warmongering psychopath John McCain has an extremely aggressive form of brain cancer. I keep expecting a group of munchkins to come out and start singing.

Do you find that joke to be in poor taste? Can’t say I’d blame you if you do.

Know what I find to be in poor taste? Pushing for senseless acts of bloodshed in functionally defenseless nations at every opportunity. Children’s guts getting ripped out by cluster munitions. Charred corpses. Shredded bodies. All the death, destruction, suffering, chaos, rape, slavery and exploitation which necessarily occurs whenever the US topples a government in a country that it has no business involving itself in at all. Deliberately escalating tensions with a nuclear superpower and threatening the existence of all terrestrial life. That’s what I find to be in poor taste.

Let me make one thing perfectly clear to you, dear reader: If you are saddened to learn that John McCain has been rendered incapable of returning to the Senate by a disease to which he will almost certainly succumb, it is only because you have found a way to compartmentalize away from truly comprehending the reality of what this man is and what he has done to the world. In order to avoid the cognitive discomfort of deeply recognizing the unspeakable horrors that the US war machine has unleashed upon the world with McCain’s devoted assistance, you’ve avoided looking directly at it, avoided considering it with emotional and intellectual honesty. Dissociating from the products of John McCain’s blood-saturated career has been more psychologically comfortable for you than facing the truth.

A lot of people were outraged by my article “Please Just Fucking Die Already”, which was an express wish for what will now surely come to pass thanks to glioblastoma multiforme, and many more have been calling for my head since his diagnosis was made public. Every single one of these people, without exception, has remained willfully ignorant of the direct consequences of John McCain’s war efforts. If these people could be strapped down and forced Clockwork Orange-style to look straight at all the human carnage and suffering caused by the military aggression McCain has spent his miserable life promoting, they would unquestionably share my sentiments.

Defenses of McCain tend to include the phrase “war hero”, which is a nonsensical concept invented long ago by ruling elites to glorify the act of shedding blood for them. There is no such thing as a war hero. There are only war victims. For a time in Vietnam, John McCain was a war victim, a victim of a war that should never have happened. He then spent the rest of his life finding ways to victimize others, from Iraq to Afghanistan to Syria to Libya to Kosovo to his cartoonishly virulent NATO expansionism to his attempts to escalate tensions with Russia.

By the response to my article, anyone would think that I was the one responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people, instead of the one merely wishing that would end by natural means.

The thought police would have you believe that hoping for the death of a tyrant makes you worse than the tyrant who has spent his life helping to kill hundreds of thousands of people. This a poor distinction. It’s good to hope a murderer dies of natural causes before he murders more people. It’s not good to murder people. See? Distinctions. They’re important.

John McCain loves death, and very soon he will get his wish. McCain has spent his political career pushing for the deaths of hundreds of thousands if not millions of people. I simply hope that stops. Why would anyone pray for that to continue? Why would you wish health and recovery for that? Why would you offer your lifeforce for this agent of death to continue his grisly work?

Death is John McCain’s answer to every problem. Death is his thing; it’s his will, and if it’s an option he wills death at every opportunity. When you get to be as powerful as John McCain, this means that the human species has as one of its leaders someone whose will is consistently pointed at death. So I will not mourn the end of his reign. I have a small hope that his leaving us will give us a chance to turn this earthship around and point it toward life.

John McCain has cancer. Good.

I think that it’s high time as a species that we let it be known that we’re okay with letting the agents of death die, so that those of us who love life can get on with living. He’s eighty, he’s had a good life, and he’s been responsible for killing a whole lot of people. Time to pop off this mortal coil now and leave the humans be.

Words are powerful and people know it, which may be why everyone went nuts over my previous article. When you offer your wishes for good health to someone like John McCain, you are in a sense giving him your lifeforce. You are dedicating your will to the hope that he keeps on keeping on, to live another day and kill more people. Wishes of respect, sympathy, health and good will — that’s all life energy going toward someone who will only use it to cause more death.

This is the man whose push for escalations in Syria, Ukraine and the Balkan states could easily engage the US in direct conflict with Russia. In the blink of an eye. He would have us all killed to sate his bottomless bloodlust and finally have it out with those damn Ruskies. So let’s be clear — an alive John McCain may mean the death of you, your family and everyone you love.

And maybe that’s what it would take to drag the American consciousness kicking and screaming to be held down to finally look square in the eye at the horror of war? Or maybe we could just not do that at all; maybe we could unplug our energy right now from the clutches of the omnicidal death cult he leads and turn our life force toward creating a peaceful world for everyone. We could stop feeding the perpetual war machine and instead put that money, technology, energy, inspiration and creativity toward helping people rather than killing them.

John McCain has brain cancer. The brain tissue that has spent its entire existence scheming toward death and destruction is now self-destructing and pointed toward death.


May man’s self-destructiveness self-destruct.

May the will toward death be turned in on itself.

May those who love death receive what they love.

May death get its wish.

May death die.

Let death die so that life may live.


I write about the end of illusions.