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I also made it clear at the time in my repeated defenses of the matter, like this one:

Do you know who is a member of the alt-right? Richard Spencer of “punch Nazis” fame — the man who coined that term. Spencer is a white nationalist, and he is the man I explicitly cited as someone I wasn’t comfortable collaborating with in the original article I wrote that started all this controversy in the first place.


Throughout the entire article, including the mother fucking title, I use the phrase “anti-establishment right”, not “alt-right”. These are two very different terms; alt-right means white nationalists, anti-establishment right means any right-leaning opposition to the neoliberal neoconservative Dempublican one-party system and the propaganda machine that holds it together. Libertarians, ancaps, paleocons, right-leaning independents, any of the various factions of Trump’s base that fall outside both the Fox News demographic and the alt-right; any of these could be labeled “alt-right” by someone determined to conflate them with white supremacists, but this would be deceitful and wrong. Calling someone alt-right just because they voted for Trump or have a Pepe avatar is as inaccurate as saying “alt-left”; it’s a label that’s being used to smear people who don’t support the status quo.

I write about the end of illusions.

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