Everything you say is an actual argument that can be made until you get here. We both know you can't make this case, so it's unreasonable for you to expect me to. The case that can be made at this time is everything you said up until this point: that there are some suspicious activities from some suspicious figures that we should all keep a critical eye on. Which has been my position all along.

There's no case to be made at this time for this being a rollout of "total, global domination". The lockdowns and other authoritarian measures aren't even moving along the same power lines that giant power grabs always move along. The US is being far less authoritarian than many of its allies and rejecting lockdowns as unconstitutional, while its Assange-persecuting puppet Sweden is completely nonconforming, while completely unaligned power structures like Russia, China and Iran are all employing lockdowns and various authoritarian measures. Nobody who shares your perspective has been able to account for this in a way that doesn't ignore the realities of the way mass-scale power moves in the current world order.

Nothing we've seen from establishment power structures even indicates that brazen authoritarianism is what they want. Their whole game relies on maintaining the illusion of freedom; dropping the hammer right out in the open is something they'll avoid at all costs.

You can argue that there's a bunch of shady actors opportunistically rolling out agendas of power and profit in an uncoordinated, disparate way, you can argue that capitalism is continuing its inevitable march into increasing corruption and exploitation, but you cannot make the case for a monolithic power grab aimed at total global domination and you know it.

I write about the end of illusions.

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