Establishment Cult Leader: “Russian Propagandist” = Anyone Who Criticized Hillary

Caitlin Johnstone
3 min readOct 10, 2017


There’s a word that is sorely lacking in the average American vocabulary which I think would really help people make sense of some of the personalities that have risen to prominence in the pro-establishment liberal echo chamber. That word is royalist, and here in Australia it refers to someone who nurses a bizarre fascination with the British royal family.

Apart from my nation’s disgraceful treatment of refugees and the Aboriginal people, perhaps the most humiliating event in our entire history was our Prime Minister’s fawning, fetishistic display of deference before the Queen in 1963. Robert Menzies had such a throbbing erection for her majesty’s approval that he began spouting 17th century poetry when she graced him with her presence:

If there’s an American version of a royalist, there can be no more perfect a specimen of one than Verrit founder, former internet director for the Clinton campaign, and former Shareblue chief executive Peter Daou.

Daou, who was charitably referred to as “the weirdest man alive” in a recent article by The Outline, has been propelled into popularity by the establishment machine, and nobody really knows why. He’s failed at everything he’s been involved in, including his remarkably unpopular Clintonist propaganda site Verrit, and the mental vacuity of his online presence often makes it seem like he’s only there to make Kurt Eichenwald look smart. The fact that he keeps failing upward within the Democratic party establishment despite zero qualifications and no discernible redeeming characteristics — even gaining public endorsements of his projects from Her Majesty Hillary Herself — means that he is someone whose words the Democratic establishment wants you to listen to. When he tweets, he is speaking ex cathedra on behalf of the entire Clintonist religion.

This is important to make clear, because after a year of McCarthyite accusations smearing political opponents as Kremlin agents and Russian propagandists, the Clinton cult has finally had its official spokesperson publicly define exactly what criteria it is using when it affixes these labels to people. Turns out, the official Blue Church definition of a Russian propagandist is literally anyone who has ever had the temerity to speak ill of Hillary Clinton.

Well that’s a relief! After all these months of being accused on a daily basis by establishment lickspittles of writing propaganda for the Kremlin, people like me are now able to point to Pope Daou’s official decree and say “Yeah well your cult actually has an unbelievably broad definition of Russian propaganda.”

And of course, those of us who have been on the receiving end of these McCarthyist smears have always known that this was the case. We have always known that the accusation of conducting military psy-ops on behalf of the Kremlin was a completely baseless charge dumped on anyone and everyone who has refused to fall in line with corporate liberal indoctrination, but the fact that they’re now admitting it publicly makes this a lot easier to prove.

The new McCarthyism has decimated political discourse in the wake of the presidential elections last year. The fact that there are now millions of Americans who honestly believe that it is perfectly sensible and acceptable to accuse someone of being a Russian propagandist when they don’t agree with your political worldview has made debate with establishment liberals virtually impossible, and has ended up strengthening the walls of everyone’s partisan echo chambers to an often unassailable extent.

These wedge tactics have always benefitted the establishment whose survival depends upon preventing people from coming together and overthrowing the oligarchy. Luckily with this agenda, as with everything, we can always count on Peter Daou to fail.

Thanks Pete!

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