Don’t Feed The Trolls — Stop Arguing About This Crap

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Usually I write articles by feeling out what America’s unelected power establishment doesn’t want people saying at the moment and then saying it as boldly and loudly as I can, usually with a bunch of profanity and borderline ableist insults mixed in for good measure, but I’ve been having a hard time finding a solid counter-narrative the last couple of days. The American political scene just looks like a bunch of turmoil and white noise right now, without any major juicy openings to punch through with great effect.

This occurs from time to time, always right before something huge happens. Judging from experience, I can expect to go from having nothing to write about to having far too much to write about within the next couple of days. In the meantime though, all I’ve got to work with is this bullshit:

“Hey I got an idea, let’s run more corporate stooges in 2020!”
“No don’t do that!”
“You’re racist!”
“What? No I’m not!”
“Okay well vote for Oprah then!”

This job isn’t all glitter and glocks, yo. Sometimes it’s pure bullshit as far as the eye can see, and I’m expected to write something about it.

Well I’m not gonna. I refuse. It’s fucking 2017, and this is not a real thing.

It’s not. Fawning Clinton royalist Peter Daou is not telling the left to abandon all hope in 20 fucking 17 because he’s interested in initiating a lively debate. Tireless Democratic left-puncher Neera Tanden is not telling progressives that they’re racist unless they vote for a Clintonist corporate whore in 2020 because she wants to enlighten them. MSNBC lobotomist Joy Reid is not telling people to abandon the “talking point” of plutocracy in order to insert a helpful idea into political discourse. These people are doing these things in 2017 in order to distract you and grind you down.

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Please don’t feed the trolls, America. These pundits are going out of their way to tell you that their party will ignore its progressive base in 2020 because that is exactly what is going to happen. That’s all you need to know. Don’t get sucked into trying to debate them, don’t try to work toward a compromise, don’t try to change them; it will only grind you down and wear you out while the thugs who have hijacked your country tighten the noose around your neck. They’re going with the “inevitability of Hillary” tactic again, only this time they’re starting it even earlier in the hopes that it will give them enough time to break your will.

If you’re a DemEnter person, by all means throw all of your energy into pushing forward a wildly progressive candidate; don’t waste your energy trying to convince establishment loyalists that they should give peace and economic justice a chance. If you’re DemExit, blast full speed ahead without looking back; don’t try to pull these people with you.

The plutocrats who own your country’s government have no intention of ever letting you advance anything remotely resembling a progressive agenda. They won’t end wars, because their empire depends on war. They won’t let you have economic justice because power is relative, so in a system where money equals power they necessarily need to keep you poor in order to maintain their rule. The people who serve the oligarchy will not be converted on the merit or truth of your position, because they are not motivated by merit or truth.

That the U.S. has a shadowy, secretive world of intelligence and military operatives who exercise great power outside of elections and democratic accountability is not some exotic, alt-right conspiracy theory; it’s utterly elemental to understanding anything about how Washington works. It’s hard to believe that anyone on this side of a 6th Grade civics class would seek to deny that.
~ Glenn Greenwald

While establishment loyalists are trying to bait you into begging them not to do something that they are 100 percent guaranteed to do, actual relevant things are happening in the real world. Our entire species is under threat by a new cold war that could erupt into hot war at the drop of a hat, made possible by the fact that an unelected power establishment controls every significant thing that your government does.

There are no political solutions to any of these problems. There are no political solutions to any of your problems. If you choose to keep trying to advance a pro-peace, pro-justice agenda via political means, I think that has value, but only for the purpose of gathering information to let everyone really grok the reality that all the doors they’re trying are bolted shut. Every political path you take will be obstructed and stagnated by the servants of the ruling class for far longer than our species has left to avert nuclear and climate catastrophe.

Only revolution has any hope of stopping all the evil things that America’s unelected power establishment is doing to you. It will take something vast, something drastic, and probably more than a few miracles to wrest power away from the unelected sociopaths steering our world toward disaster, but it’s the only shot we’ve got.

Which is why they’re all too happy to keep you arguing about 2020.

Don’t feed the trolls.

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