Dancing Outside The Concentration Camp

Caitlin Johnstone
2 min readApr 7, 2024

Listen to a reading by Tim Foley:

Dancing outside the concentration camp,
rave music pounding through our bones like bombs.
A disco at the genocide, baby.
A disco at the genocide.

Twerking outside the open-air prison.
Raving while Gaza asphyxiates.
Twirling glow sticks while a Final Solution is planned.
Just an innocent bit of fun.

Chill out and dance outside the concentration camp.
What could possibly go wrong?
We’ve got the IDF looking after us.
They’d never let anything bad happen.

So dance while the Palestinians are squeezed to death.
Dance while the polar ice caps melt.
Dance while the oceans fill with plastic.
Dance while the rainforests disappear.
Dance while nuclear warheads are primed.
Dance while mothers scream impossible screams.
Dance while the arms industry reaps record profits.
Dance while fathers pick up pieces of their kids.
Dance while AI helps exterminate families.
Dance while Gazans dehydrate under rubble.
Dance while limbs are amputated without anaesthesia.
Dance while death machines patrol the sky.
Dance while the news man fills our heads with lies.
Dance while the podium man denies everything he sees.
Dance while the sharptooth manipulators scheme.
Dance while our minds are turned into machines.
Dance to the beat of imperial psytrance.
Dance to the beat of the Pentagon Polka.
What could possibly go wrong?

Dance outside the concentration camp.
A disco at the genocide, baby.
A disco at the genocide.


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