Here’s my evidence:


At worst China did what Trump did: blunder and obfuscate for a few weeks. There’s no legitimate reason for them to be held to some unique, geopolitics-shaping standard you don’t hold your own government to. Yes, absolutely the world could have just said “Oh crap let’s get together and fix this” and then collaborated to do so. There is no reason whatsoever why they couldn’t.

France is important to the news

And yet there was a huge media blackout on the massive Yellow Vests protests, getting nowhere remotely close to the international press coverage as the HK protests. You didn’t really articulate a response to this, you just said China is “more powerful” (terrorist attacks in France receive massive news coverage, which by your own standard [“there are terrorist attacks all over the world all the time, but we don’t hear about most of them because they’re in very weak countries, like Africa”] means the protests should be in the news too) and “threatens democracy” (silly, hysterical nonsense). I don’t hold my argument addressed in the slightest.

I write about the end of illusions.

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