#CNNBlackmail: CNN Commits Felonies, Challenges 4Chan To A Meme War

CNN has been falling hard, and I hope they keep right on falling. These are the same reprehensible creatures after all who have been knowingly manufacturing support for escalations with a nuclear superpower all in the name of ratings, who recently staged a fake interview with a seven year-old girl who can’t speak English reading scripted war propaganda and then used that fake footage to argue in favor of intervention in Syria, and who lavished Trump with praise for his missile strike on a Syrian airfield in their ongoing tradition of always unquestioningly supporting every act of immoral US military aggression.

These are monsters, and no matter how deep they dig their own grave I will never feel sorry for them. There is no depth to which CNN could fall that is so low I wouldn’t still kick them while they’re down.

Which works out nicely, because over the course of their interminable tantrum over the president’s notorious wrestling tweet, they appear to have committed some rather egregious crimes:

This all came about, of course, when CNN’s investigative team KFILE (who CNN hired last year from “Which Powerpuff Girl Are You?” novelty clickbait site Buzzfeed) located the Reddit troll who claimed to have made the heinous infuriating worse-than-genocide Trump wrestling video clip.

Upon being found out by CNN’s crack team of sleuths (who for all their free time cannot be bothered to investigate the water in Flint, why the government keeps killing any movement toward economic justice, Saudi war crimes, the gaping plot holes in Russiagate, or what the fuck is actually happening in Syria), the Reddit troll posted an apology and deleted his post, saying he feared public retaliation. In a stunning “kiss my ring or I’ll break your thumbs” Mafia-style exhibition of dominance, CNN wrote that they would not be publishing the troll’s identity since he posted an apology for the offending anti-CNN video, that he “showed remorse” and “said he is not going to repeat this ugly behavior on social media again”, but added that CNN “reserves the right to publish his identity should any of that change.”

That’s right, the multibillion dollar media giant CNN blackmailed a garden variety internet troll into obedience by threatening to dox him.

This sent the hashtag #CNNBlackmail skyrocketing into the global trending list, which in turn prompted KFILE boss Andrew Kaczynski to try and save face by misrepresenting his organization’s behavior. Kaczynski attempted to imply that the troll had bent the knee of his own volition, not because he was blackmailed into it, despite having already admitted that KFILE told him he’d been discovered prior to his apology. As though having an extremely powerful international deep state propaganda network tap you on the shoulder and say they know your identity wouldn’t be an extremely intimidating factor for any online troll. They intimidated him into apologizing and deleting his Reddit posts, then threatened to expose him to the world if he ever came after CNN again.

Not to be outdone, CNN producer Donie O’Sullivan soon came forward to congratulate Kaczinski on his fine doxxing work, and volunteered that he, too, has been leveraging CNN’s power to blackmail online trolls into apologizing.

Needless to say, this has been taken as a direct challenge by the pro-Trump online troll army, which is legion. GIFs depicting The Donald beating up CNN are now plastered throughout all of social media, and show no sign of relenting.

Troll capitol of the internet 4chan’s political subforum /pol/ has made it known that it considers CNN’s behavior a declaration of meme war, so that will continue to get interesting.

And now James O’Keefe of is claiming to have new incriminating footage on CNN to be released soon.

This is all a good thing. Yes, it’s being fueled by right-wingers, bigots and Trump supporters, but so what? CNN needs to end, and I welcome anything with the power to end it. Hopefully the rest of the lying war propaganda networks fall behind it like dominoes.

This is how we win the media war. Keep pushing these bastards with everything we’ve got until they’re forced to push back and overextend themselves so that their lies stand out against the background and their true nature is exposed. The legacy media deserves to go the way of the dinosaur, and as far as I’m concerned that day can’t come soon enough. Keep fighting.

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