CIA-Funded Washington Post Makes Desperate Attempt To Reignite Russia Hysteria

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This is getting really boring.

Since the Democratic establishment’s “Russia! Russia! Russia!” strategy has continued to fail to win elections or support, we’ve been seeing even the most ardent establishment stalwarts finally admitting that voters care far more about their horrible health care plans and their struggle to keep their heads above water in America’s soul-crushing Walmart economy than they do about the Russia nonsense constantly being babbled about by the talking heads on cable TV. People are done. There’s only so much exploitation, starvation wages and undrinkable water that people can take before the propaganda starts ringing a little hollow. It’s hard to give a fuck what Rachel Maddow has to say about Sergey Kislyak when you can barely feed your kids.

Predictably, the CIA-funded Washington Post has reacted to all this by producing a new “bombshell” report about the alleged Russian election interference, which it hilariously labels “the crime of the century.” Predictably, the report is rife with confident-sounding assertions and completely devoid of any hard evidence whatsoever. Predictably, WaPo continues to violate universal journalistic protocol by failing to disclose that its sole owner has received a 600 million dollar contract directly from the CIA, despite the fact that the CIA is mentioned by name no less than 19 times in the article itself. Predictably, WaPo cites information from anonymous sources within the intelligence community as the foundation of its report.

And, predictably, people are losing interest. The virulently pro-establishment subreddit r/politics only saw a CBS article about the WaPo report (not even the WaPo article itself) make it briefly to the Reddit front page, from which it quickly fell. The article’s comment section is packed with ridicule and dismissal from all corners of the political spectrum. Nobody gives a shit besides the impotent block of establishment loyalists who were already heavily invested in the debunked Russiagate conspiracy theory. Apart from that tired, dwindling pool, nobody cares about yet another “report” based on anonymous sources from a CIA trade rag that already has a proven track record of lying about Russia.

The fact that to this day not one shred of evidence has been produced for the alleged hacking is at this point proof that the American people are once again being dicked around by the known liars of the US intelligence community. The complete absence of concrete evidence says far, far more than everything the Washington Post has published about Russia to date combined. All that has been offered are the same evidence-free authoritative assertions we saw in the leadup to the Iraq invasion, which WaPo also helped advance.

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These people are a joke. The only reason any American thinks about Russia more than they think about, say, Saudi Arabia, is because these lying establishment propaganda outlets keep telling them that this nonsense is important. As evidence continues to fail to appear in a post-Iraq environment where extraordinary claims must necessarily be accompanied by extraordinary evidence, and as the American people watch the oxygen being sucked out of any agenda that could possibly rescue them from the crushing economic injustice they face, these CIA-backed reports will begin receiving the amount of attention and respect they deserve — none.

It may be too late, however. The Russia hysteria has already been successfully used to manufacture consent for dangerous escalations with a nuclear superpower, and because of the US military’s insane provocations in Syria we may be facing a new world war in the near term, this time with nukes. I’ve got some thoughts on this that I’ll write about later, but in the meantime let’s get clear on who’s to blame for this shit.

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