Bullshit, you did nothing of the sort. You've come nowhere remotely close to defending your claim that we are looking at a power grab of "total global control", because you cannot defend that claim.

The fact that you are now reduced to sputtering nonsense about how "obvious" this is yet you cannot come anywhere remotely close to articulating this "obvious" thing just means you've been marinating in an echo chamber for so long that your confirmation bias has been nursed and coddled without critical thinking or understanding ever entering into the picture. This is a common phenomenon with Russiagaters, QAnoners, and capitalism cultists too; I wrote a thread about it a while back.

Claiming I should be able to explain your position better than you can is stupid nonsense. You either understand your position or you don't. You've consistently demonstrated that you don't.

I write about the end of illusions.

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