Bullshit. Absolute bullshit. I take a "hostile, aggressive stance" to people who behave obnoxiously and communicate dishonestly, like people who tell me "you seem to be of the mind that there's just nothing to see there and seem to be critical of all the people screaming about it and saying they're all nuts or whatever."

I have never said these things. I have never said nor implied anything remotely close to these things. You are communicating dishonestly by wildly misrepresenting my position that there is not enough evidence for a "global technocratic rollout" at this time. Doesn't mean there's "nothing there", just means there's less there than the extreme claims of "total global control". Doesn't mean people who think that's what this is are "nuts", just that their case isn't strong enough for me personally to accept as fact and write essays about.

And yes I have been hostile toward some people who see things as you do, but that is solely due to the fact that a shockingly high percentage of you communicate in this dishonest, obnoxious way which consistently deliberately misrepresents my position. It says a lot that people who claim their worldview is informed by facts and truth so consistently show me they have no interest in facts or truth when debating someone who doesn't automatically swallow their claims on blind faith. Someone with a strong position doesn't have to lie in order to advance it.

You came in here repeatedly pestering me to report something I don't see, which is an obnoxious and entitled behavior by itself. After I responded to your question "So you're not discussing the global technocratic rollout cause why again?" with a challenge to clearly and concisely tell me what you know and how you know it (a challenge you came nowhere close to meeting btw), you spent weeks pissing and moaning about how this extremely reasonable request was unreasonable. You got more and more belligerent when I pointed out the holes in your garbage arguments and didn't accept what you are saying on blind faith, insisting I must be willfully resisting seeing what you're pointing to because it's so "obvious". Rather than show me how it's "obvious", you kept bleating the word "obvious" as though that's an argument. When I refused to let you bulldoze me with this idiotic non-argument, you began babbling about my having a "hostile, aggressive stance".

And that is bullshit. Absolute bullshit.

This conversation is over. I'm not going to keep chasing you around begging you to respond to the actual words that I am actually saying instead of strawman arguments you invented in your imagination, and even if you started communicating honestly at this point I don't like you or respect you enough to engage you. You are not worthy of my time or my consideration.

I write about the end of illusions.

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