Australia Is Washington’s Basement Gimp

A total of 128 countries voted to condemn President Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel at the General Assembly of the United Nations today. Seven countries sided with the US and Israel: Guatemala, Honduras, Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Nauru, Palau, and Togo. You may never have heard of some of those countries before, and one of them, Honduras, had its legitimate popular leadership ousted in a coup by the United States in 2009.

Cowed by the threats of the Trump administration, 35 nations cast a blank vote of abstention, and 21 nations didn’t vote at all. Among those abstaining were neoliberalism poster boy Justin Trudeau’s Canada, and Washington’s snivelling globalist basement gimp Australia.

128 to 9, with 56 cowardly vassals watching from beneath whatever rocks they could manage to slither under (it’s easy to hide in small spaces without a spine). The sheer one-sidedness of the real votes cast by real governments shows how obvious this situation is. Israel is a violent and oppressive ethnonationalist government overlaying a hotly contested region of land and is held in place by perpetual warfare and apartheid; pretending the matter is settled and it’s just a normal nation with a normal capital is ridiculous.

And yet my beloved country, Australia, voted to abstain from saying anything about it while Zed drummed his fingers on the top of our leather mask. Even New Zealand had the balls to stand up to the White House. New Zealand! You have no idea how humiliating that is.

Do you see why I don’t bother writing about Australian politics? Why would anyone who is interested in the health of our planet and the trajectory of our species spend any time writing about a fake puppet government when it’s so obvious where our real leaders are?

Why would anyone who is interested in real things pay any attention to the charade of an Australian government while we can’t even cast a simple and obvious UN vote? When we get sucked into evil American war after evil American war? When we are endlessly exploited as a US intelligence asset? When we get consistently cajoled into signing on to predatory neoliberal trade agreements against our interests? When our own Julian Assange is left to rot in an Ecuadorian embassy in London because he revealed some secrets our oligarchic overlords didn’t want us to see?

It’s not about Australia. It isn’t even really about America or Israel. It’s about an unelected power establishment which uses governments as tools and weapons so that a few plutocrats can metastasize their empire around the globe. That’s the real enemy of humanity, and I focus on the head of the beast. This power structure has centralized in the United States because of its easily defended shores and powerful military which can be used to attack and disrupt any group of humans which dare stand in the way of the agendas of these sociopathic oligarchs.

If I were really determined to save the planet from these freaks, why would I eunuch my debate to only talking about Australia when the beast itself refuses to acknowledge my country’s sovereign boundaries? There was a coup in my country in 1975 where our most radical left prime minister was taken out by the CIA, and we have been puppeted by the US ever since. They’ve ensured I don’t get a vote, but fuck me if they’re going to take away my voice.

These fictional politeness boundaries are effective silencers of the left. We are by our very nature compassionate people who don’t wish harm on anybody, and certainly don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. That’s why we’re the left! But that healthy desire to stay within our sovereign boundaries is being used against us in the most pernicious way to mute our protest. When your species is under threat, you can and should defend yourself. Don’t let their concern-trolling weasel words trip you up. They will always find ways to shut you up and shut you down. Don’t let them.

So on that note, a word to my countrymen — Fer farrks sake, even the snivelling sheep-shaggers from across the pond stood up to these cunts. Come on Aussie, where’s ya bloody ticker ya pack of bloody wussbags? No guts, no glory, get a bitta digger spirit up ya and get going ya mug.

Don’t be afraid of the machine, humans. Fight. Fight and expunge the tendrils of this cancer from all nations everywhere forevermore.


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