Assorted Thoughts On Politics, Humanity, And The World

Caitlin Johnstone
5 min readDec 11, 2018

The problem isn’t just that we are ruled by tyrants, it’s that our minds are full of propaganda and cultural mind viruses which cause us to consent to it.

Russophobia and an uncritical emphasis on Trump has been used to scaremonger an annoyingly large percentage of American progressives from focusing on wanting change to focusing on wanting things to go back to how they used to be. Wanting things to go back to how they used to be is wanting the conditions which created Trump.

Patriotism is like the blue pill in The Matrix. You take it and you get to feel good about your country, but you don’t get to know the truth about it.

If everyone suddenly deeply understood on a gut level exactly how horrific war is, all military actions the US and its allies are currently engaged in would be forced to end due to popular revolt.

Under-discussed: secretive government agencies provide support to Silicon Valley corporations, support which they could easily have threatened to give to those corporations’ competitors instead if certain agreements weren’t made.

Anyone who says Russia is about to invade Ukraine or the Baltic states is either lying or ignorant. A nation with an economy the size of Spain which has been gutting its military budget is not gearing up for World War Three.

Russia’s military personality is a lot like the personality of the stereotypical Russian military veteran: stoic and reserved when left unprovoked, but willing and able to put you in a wheelchair if you invade his personal space. It should be treated accordingly.

People who don’t believe that these idiotic escalations against Russia can lead to nuclear war have simply compartmentalized away from fully considering all the possibilities. They have done this out of intellectual cowardice.

Democratic government can indeed be a tool of the people to implement the will of the public in allocating resources and making sure everyone is taken care of. Such a system would work infinitely better than allowing the fate of the people to be determined by an elite class of sociopathic plutocrats. The problem is that governments are not democratic and do not move in accordance with the will of the people, and until they do, such a system is impossible.

The absence of government is also a viable path, if humanity transcends its malignant unconscious patterning. To believe anarchism can work is to have faith in the possibility of this transcendence.

To believe capitalism is the best possible system is to believe that the best possible system naturally elevates the most greedy, the most underhanded, and those most willing to do anything to get ahead, up to and including stripping our planet bare.

Humanity will keep repeating the same unconscious patterns until it either wakes up or destroys itself.

Humanity’s collective spiritual awakening will mirror the process of individual spiritual awakening. Things will begin moving into consciousness, we’ll become aware of the underlying forces behind our suffering, and as they become conscious we can undo them and consciously replace them with processes which benefit us.

What’s been happening in France shows what can occur when those in power lose control of the narrative. A cross-ideological people’s uprising is the absolute worst nightmare scenario of the ruling class; avoiding such a thing is the very reason so much energy goes into tight narrative control via plutocratic media and political manipulation.

Your rulers have never been afraid of the Russians, the Chinese, the North Koreans or the terrorists. The only thing they have ever feared is you. Specifically, they’ve been afraid of you and your countrymen ceasing to believe the authorized narratives, shrugging off the old mechanisms of oppression and control by sheer force of numbers without firing a shot, and creating a new world together.

Whoever has the gold makes the rules, but whoever controls the narrative determines who gets the gold.

Anyone who tries to control your narrative about yourself is trying to control you.

Nobody is entitled to bully or shame you out of your right to come to your own understanding of the world, in your own thoughts, using your own research, accepting no authoritative claims on faith no matter how confidently they are asserted. You are infinitely more qualified to come to your own understanding of what’s going on than anyone else is qualified to do it for you, and it is your sovereign right as a human being to vocalize that understanding.

Personal, political, and societal problems all ultimately boil down to sovereignty. Becoming conscious of all the myriad ways we extend beyond our own sovereign boundaries and intrude into the sovereignty of others, be they personal, ideological, national, or ecosystemic, is the path toward creating a utopia wherein we can all collaborate with each other and with our environment in the interests of the greater good.

What’s coming up in a mere generation or so is one of three possibilities: total freedom, total slavery, or total annihilation. Sorry centrists, there is no incremental option. The confluence of AI, automation, and an increasingly paranoid and controlling elite class means that we are likely to be subjected to more surveillance, more manipulation, more work for less pay as jobs disappear along with safety nets, if we don’t destroy ourselves altogether. Or, we change our consciousness so rapidly that we do away completely with the lack-driven punitive system that demands people work for a living, and embrace the abundance that is right here already. We will work of our own free will, and at our own pace doing the things we want to do. If that’s hard to imagine, I implore you to try to imagine it and see how it could be possible. It’s not that hard. We have all the tools we need already.

Humans are such explosively beautiful wizard giants. It would be a goddamn shame if we wiped ourselves out before truly seeing that.


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