Assange Smear 17: “He’s a fascist.”

Unlike most Assange smears this one is more common on the political left than the center, and it totally baffles me. Demanding that governments be transparent and powerful people held to account is not at all compatible with fascism. In fact, it’s the exact opposite.

Italian investigative journalist and longtime WikiLeaks media partner Stephania Maurizi told Micah Lee the following on Twitter last year:

“I’ve worked as a media partner since 2009, I can bring my experience: I’ve NEVER EVER seen misoginy or fascism, rape apology, anti-semitism. I’ve anti-fascism deep in my DNA, due to the consequences for my family during Fascism.”

I really don’t know how people make this one work in their minds. “You guys know who the real fascist is? It’s the guy who’s locked behind bars by the most violent and oppressive government on the planet for standing up against the war crimes of that government.” I mean, come on.

When I question what’s behind this belief I get variations on Smear 18 and Smear 22, and the occasional reference to one odd tweet about birth rates and changing demographics that could look like a white nationalist talking point if you squint at it just right and ignore the fact that it appears on its own surrounded by a total absence of anything resembling a white nationalist worldview, and ignore the tweet immediately following it criticizing “emotional imperialism” and the theft of caregivers from less powerful nations. You have to connect a whole lot of dots with a whole lot of imaginary red yarn and ignore a huge mountain of evidence to the contrary in order to believe that Assange is a fascist.

Whenever I run into someone circulating this smear I usually just say something like, “You know there are powerful government agencies with a vested interest in making you think that, right?” Painting Assange as a right-winger has been immensely successful in killing Assange’s support on the left, leaving only his support on the right, which can often be largely worthless when it comes to the Trump administration’s war on WikiLeaks. Divide and conquer works.


This is an excerpt from the mega-article “Debunking All The Assange Smears”.

I write about the end of illusions.

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