America’s Deep State Power Struggle Is At Its Most Interesting Point Yet

Caitlin Johnstone
6 min readJul 11, 2017


In February, after it became undeniable that factions within the US intelligence community were using anonymous leaks to harm Trump in the court of public opinion, bloodthirsty neocon Bill Kristol tweeted that he would “prefer the deep state to the Trump state.” Given the way the US power establishment consistently pushes in a direction that is in alignment with neoconservative foreign policy goals this should not be surprising, but it is noteworthy that such a high-profile neocon would come right out and say such a thing.

When AP first broke the news of a partial ceasefire in Syria the other day, I said the deep state will never allow it and to expect more Russia leaks in the near future. The ruling unelected power structure (the jumbled and often-conflicting network of alliances between plutocrats, the military-industrial complex, various aspects of the intelligence community and defense agencies, and the corporate media) which comprises the deep state has wanted to get its ghoulish dick inside Syria for a long time, and they’re not about to let Trump and Putin cockblock them that easily.

Right on cue, and perfectly in alignment with the script Michael Tracey laid out way back in March with his excellent Medium piece “The Basic Formula For Every Shocking Russia/Trump Revelation”, the New York Times published an article based entirely on anonymous sources with yet another Shocking Trump/Russia Revelation. The article revolves around an email which the Times has never seen, instead relying on the purported testimony of “three people with knowledge of the email” and hoping its outstanding reputation for journalistic integrity (typing that physically hurt) would be enough to satisfy any skepticism its readers might have. Donald Trump Jr., the subject of this particular Shocking Trump/Russia Revelation, has published what he says is the entirety of the emails discussed in the article if anyone’s curious. Be forewarned though: it’s shocking.

Hope you have a qualified medical professional in the room there with you to help you with all that shock.

This shocking, shocking, shocking revelation came a day after the Times reported that Trump Jr. (who on an unrelated note has one of the most punchable faces in the known universe) had committed a shocking act of shocking treason by meeting with a Russian lawyer who said she had dirt on Clinton back in June of 2016. This shocking revelation was made only slightly less shocking by the fact that the Clinton camp had done exactly the same thing at exactly the same time, and that this is actually pretty standard practice in presidential politics, as well as the fact that the lawyer in question is not at all the Kremlin power broker the New York Times suggested she is.

The sudden increase in baseless Russia hysteria from the corporate media could be attributed to many things, but personally I think it’s the possible movement toward peace in Syria combined with the president’s recent series of tweets talking about moving into a constructive working relationship with Russia. The deep state has been using its media propaganda arm to set up a situation where Trump’s support will be hurt if he doesn’t take a neoconservative stance toward those countries, and he’s suddenly ceased capitulating and stepped way out of line just by saying what he said. No matter how you squint at it, something definitely changed behind the scenes.

Syria is an absolutely crucial state for the US imperialists just as Iraq was (hence Putin’s eagerness to prevent them from shoring it up by involving Russia directly in the conflict), and as Assad and his allies keep pushing terrorist forces further and further back, the window to shore up that strategic location is rapidly closing. This means the deep state has had to massively overextend itself and take some stupid, crazy risks in that region, and the propaganda is becoming more and more transparent. The plot holes are becoming clearer and clearer, and they’re having a harder and harder time keeping their stories straight. It’s an exciting time to be alive.

Things keep heating up. Since America is a corporatist oligarchy and not at all the democratic republic that it purports to be, the nation has rulers, and rulers historically don’t cede power easily. The current administration is arguably no less corrupt than the ones which preceded it, but since Trump came in with his own team, his own connections, his own agendas and his own ideas about how to run things, he’s getting some aggressive pushback from the alliance of powerful unelected elites which inhabited the deep state prior to his arrival, all of whom have their own connections, their own agendas, and their own ideas about how to run things.

I hear some chatter theorizing that Trump was always already a part of the existing deep state from the very beginning, and I could have believed this too given his longstanding friendship with the Clintons, but this in my opinion has been completely disproven by the constant intelligence community leaks and corporate media smears. Trump is not a trusted member of the existing deep state, and he was not meant to win the election. Ever since November, we’ve been witnessing signs of a fascinating power struggle between the old established power structure and the new one that Trump has been trying to usher in to replace it, with both sides using the media in different ways to manipulate public opinion to their advantage.

This battle can only be good for the ordinary people who toil in the shadows of the oligarchs. The sitting president’s corruption is coming under far more scrutiny than any of his predecessors, the people’s media war against the establishment propaganda machine is getting closer and closer to becoming mainstream, “deep state” is now a household term, and more and more Americans are being forced to confront the cold, harsh reality that their country doesn’t operate the way they were taught in school. As the feuding power giants clash overhead like King Kong vs. Godzilla, their movements cause more and more of the old lies and manipulations to stand out against the background, and without lies and manipulation, neither Trump nor the deep state have anything at all.

And then power can be given to the people, and used in a way that benefits all Americans instead of just a few elites. This honestly feels inevitable to me at this point; I’ve truthfully never felt more optimistic than I feel today. More and more plot holes are opening up in the official Russia narrative by the day, and soon as a result of the power struggles between the elites, mainstream America is going to be spoon-fed the realization that their government has been lying to them with the help of the corporate media.

And then anything will be possible. If everyone in America is forced to stop and consider the possibility that everything they believe about their world is completely wrong, the mental pause this creates in all the official narratives will be a massive window of opportunity through which anything could emerge. This occurring in the most influential nation on the planet could transform humanity and completely turn this thing around. The old power structures can be shrugged off like a heavy coat on a warm day, and suddenly the possibility of moving into a collaborative relationship with our ecosystem won’t be an unattainable pipe dream anymore. Setting up a world where everyone has enough will suddenly become possible. Devoting our creativity to healthy innovation instead of exploitation and warfare will mean we can move toward a harmonious existence exponentially faster than we’ve ever before been able to. We could create heaven on earth.

I insist that this is possible. Our species is at evolve-or-die time, and if we can find a way to pass this final test together, the future has beautiful things in store for us.

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