“It’s not faith-based: the FBI isn’t known for fabricating evidence to use in indictments”

Again, the FBI, including Robert Mueller, were complicit in deceiving the world into Iraq. But they wouldn’t have to be the ones doing the deceiving; only the few people gathering the supposed intelligence that the indictment is based on would.

the GOP which has been trying to push back on the claims of Russian hacking

The GOP has not been pushing back on claims of Russian hacking in any significant way, they’ve been pushing back on Russian collusion with Trump.

has had a chance to review much of the evidence and will get to review all of it.

Substantiate this claim please.

The specificity of the indictments with regard to the technical specifics are quite detailed and convincing.

Detail isn’t evidence. Like two years isn’t enough time to come up with a detailed deception.

You say you’re “winning the debate” — but what you are doing is saying “I don’t believe all these conclusions from people I don’t like

Bullshit. I am saying there’s no publicly available evidence. Because there isn’t.

so instead I am postulating a massive conspiracy to cover up [ Hillary murdering Seth Rich ].

Bullshit, I’m doing no such thing. Respond to the actual words that I am saying to you or tap out.

I write about the end of illusions.

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