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In the later years of an abusive relationship I was in, my abuser had become so confident in how mentally caged he had me that he’d start overtly telling me what he is and what he was doing. He flat-out told me he was a sociopath and a manipulator, trusting that I was so submitted to his will by that point that I’d gaslight myself into reframing those statements in a sympathetic light. …

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Humanity is becoming more conscious.

It is. This is not a popular thing to say in the more cynical and pessimistic corners of the internet, but it’s true.

I’m not referring to anything “out there” or “spiritual” when I make this assertion. I’m talking about a mundane reality that is easily verifiable by casual observation, if you just look past all the headlines and narrative chatter to see the big picture as a whole.

Humans are becoming more and more aware of what’s going on, both in our world and in ourselves…

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In later years we’re going to learn about some of the covert operations which US intelligence agencies and their proxies were using to smash the rise of socialism in America today and a lot of people are going to feel silly for all their remarks blaming the state of the left on leftists. …

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Glenn Greenwald has a new article out titled “Questions About the FBI’s Role in 1/6 Are Mocked Because the FBI Shapes Liberal Corporate Media” about the backlash against right wing media highlighting the incredibly suspicious fact that rank-and-file participants in the January 6 Capitol riot have been harshly prosecuted while many of its actual leaders and organizers have not been.

Greenwald goes over the FBI’s extensive and well-documented history of using undercover agents and informants to entrap easily manipulated individuals into participating in “terror” plots that they themselves initiated and then swooping…

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If you think the Biden administration caging kids at the border is bad, wait til you hear what it’s doing in Yemen.

Would you be willing to murder a child every ten minutes to advance US geostrategic interests in the Middle East? Because that’s exactly what the US government and its proxies are doing in Yemen.

Imagine watching a political party consistently demonstrate the exact same pattern of behavior for generations and then thinking it’s about to change.

When the US changes political party leadership you’ll see minor…

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During an astonishingly sycophantic press conference after the Geneva summit with Vladimir Putin, President Biden posited an entirely hypothetical scenario about what the world would think of the United States if it were interfering in foreign elections and everybody knew it.

When AP’s Jonathan Lemire asked the president of the most powerful government in the world what “consequences” he’d threatened the Russian leader with should the Kremlin interfere in US elections going forward, Biden meandered his way through one of his signature not-quite-lucid word salads, and then said the following:

“Let’s get…

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Studying the unfolding of the new mainstream UFO narrative has been very interesting, because it highlights the dynamics I always talk about in a fresh light which makes them easier to point to.

One theme that keeps resurfacing is people marvelling at how low-key the public response to the whole thing has been. One might expect the US government officially stating that the military has been frequently encountering strange unknown aircraft of unthinkable technological advancement would rank a little higher in public interest, but so far that really hasn’t been the case.

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When receiving information about the world it’s necessary to scrutinize not just the information, but also the means by which the information was brought to your attention and who could benefit from its circulation. Few bother doing all of these things, which is why most people are confused about the world.

The fact that Biden is continuing all of Trump’s policies means those who believed Trump was fighting the establishment must now admit that either (A) they were wrong or (B) Biden is also fighting the establishment.

The only people…

I made a demo for a song I wrote; if any musicians out there feel like covering it you can do so for free and make any changes you like. It’s called “Alien”.


I am an alien
A stranger in a strange land
My skin blisters in the sun
The air rejects my lungs

Everything about me screams
And yet, here I am.
A stranger in a strange land

Such is life
I’m rich in material things
But poor in culture
I yearn for connection

I yearn to connect to the land
But I’m…

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In totalitarian regimes they have massacres and wars. In free democracies they have humanitarian interventions.

In totalitarian regimes they use torture. In free democracies they use enhanced interrogation techniques.

In totalitarian regimes they fund terrorist groups to create instability. In free democracies they fund terrorist groups to create stability.

In totalitarian regimes evil dictators bomb their own people. In free democracies we do it for them.

In totalitarian regimes a single party upholds and enforces the status quo. In free democracies, two parties uphold and enforce the status quo.

In totalitarian regimes…

Caitlin Johnstone

I write about the end of illusions.

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