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Fuck all royals. Take back everything they’ve stolen and give them minimum wage jobs and regard them with nothing but disdain forevermore.

Still can’t get over the fact that there’s a “queen”. She wears a crown and sits on a throne, like a fucking Tolkien character. Then a whole commonwealth full of LARPers points at her and goes “Ooh, it’s the Queen!” like a bunch of fucking nerds.

“Oh hello, I’m the Queen.” No you’re not you ridiculous nerd, your name is Liz and you’re the most expensive LARP in the world.

Royals are just oligarchs who rub…

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Democrats cannot wait for the midterms so they can lose and go back to letting the Republicans play the bad cop.

This is who the Democrats are. It’s who they always will be. They let you have your Bernies and AOCs to create the illusion that progressives can win if they just vote a little harder, but the corporate elites will always have enough of a congressional majority to kill progress. Don’t let them spin this as some sort of freakish anomaly, as the result of not having the right kind of Democrats in office. This is the only…

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A new Gallup poll finds that Americans’ opinion of Russia and China have plummeted to historic lows this year, with 79 percent of the population now reporting an unfavorable view of China and 77 percent reporting an unfavorable view of Russia.

The hate predictably falls along partisan lines, with Republicans showing more disfavor toward China and Democrats reserving more of theirs for Russia, but there is plenty of overlap. China is only seen positively by 10 percent of Republicans compared to 27 percent of Democrats, while only sixteen percent of Dem voters view Russia in a positive light compared to…

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I write about humanity’s problems as a species in all sorts of ways in this space, but really if you want to get straightforward about things all we’re ever actually talking about here is a lack of awareness of what’s true and the need to eliminate that lack.

A lack of awareness is the source of all our major problems, whether we’re talking about war, poverty, ecocide, corruption, exploitation, authoritarianism, prejudice, or even much smaller-scale problems like abusive family dynamics or the psychological suffering of the individual.

If there were sufficiently widespread and penetrating awareness of the contributing factors in…

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May what is unseen become seen.

May the hidden dynamics of oligarchy and empire be revealed to all of humanity.

May the depravity of the powerful be exposed before everyone.

May government secrecy end.

May the public become aware of the pervasiveness of mass media propaganda.

May people realize that they’ve been deceived about the world since childhood.

May there be a widespread recognition that things are not as they seem.

May obfuscation and distortion be replaced with truth and clarity.

May the public grow more conscious of the reality of class dynamics.

May the public see money for the…

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Just another friendly reminder that establishment propaganda is the single most overlooked and under-emphasized aspect of our society and the left will never accomplish any of its goals until it prioritizes countering mass-scale manipulation above all else.

Western imperialism is capitalism’s life support system. Without the US-centralized empire constantly sabotaging socialist governments, propping up global financial institutions and controlling commerce and currency at gunpoint, capitalism would’ve died long ago.

Pull the plug.

Capitalism is collectivism in denial. Money only works the way it works and exists the way it exists because we all collectively agree to pretend that…

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Doing daily commentary on world power dynamics feels a lot like staring up at the sky watching clouds. Sometimes you see a three-legged pony up there, sometimes a gargoyle, sometimes a laughing baby, but really you’re only ever watching tiny water droplets being moved around by atmospheric winds. They can take on any number of different shapes, but no matter how long you lay there staring up at them you’re really only ever seeing one dynamic play out with different appearances from moment to moment.

The daily news is very much the same, except most consumers of news media aren’t…

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We each have an eye deep inside us, and it is all the same eye, and it is the universe’s eye.

The eye wants the same thing any eye wants: to see.

The eye wants to see it all, especially that which is hidden. That which is hidden behind veils of unconsciousness. That which is hidden behind veils of government secrecy. That which is hidden behind veils of propaganda.

The eye just wants things to come into visibility. Your unprocessed childhood trauma buried deep in your subconscious. Secret government documents about the misdeeds of the powerful. The truth about what’s…

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Watching the slow, silent realization creep over online Democrats that Biden really isn’t going to do anything for them.

Americans: $2000 checks please

Government: Sorry did you say airstrikes on Syria?

Americans: No, $2000 checks

Government: Okay, since you asked nicely here’s your airstrikes on Syria.

This latest Biden airstrike is being spun as “defensive” and “retaliatory” despite its targeting a nation the US invaded (Syria) in response to alleged attacks on US forces in another nation the US invaded (Iraq). You can’t invade a nation and then claim self-defense there. That’s not a thing.

If you’re…

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There was a great exchange in a recent interview with singer-songwriter FKA twigs regarding her relationship with actor Shia LaBeouf, who she is currently suing for “relentless abuse” including assault and sexual battery.

From The Independent:

In a CBS This Morning interview on Thursday (18 February), King asked the musician: “Nobody who’s been in this position likes this question, and I often wonder if it’s even appropriate to ask… why didn’t you leave?”

Twigs replied: “I know that you’re asking it out of love, but like, I’m just going to make a stance and say I’m not going to answer…

Caitlin Johnstone

I write about the end of illusions.

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