5 Things That Democrats Do Constantly, Yet Accuse Others Of Doing

Caitlin Johnstone
6 min readJun 26, 2017

If there’s anything more hypocritical than the lying warmongers at the New York Times running a full-page list of the lies Trump has told since taking office, it’s the foam-brained establishment Democrats who still read that awful propaganda rag. The hypocrisy of Comedy Central liberals has always been awe inspiring, but 2017 has seen it shoot through the roof and kill a bald eagle on its way to a distant star system. Accusing others of the offenses you have committed has been a time-honored practice of manipulators and predators throughout history, and the donkey party is packed to the gills with them. Waving a copy of the New York Times while babbling about someone else’s lies doesn’t even scratch the grimey surface of it all, either; here are five things Democrats love to accuse other people of doing that they themselves do constantly:

1. Election meddling

Never mind the fact that we have still to this day seen zero evidence that Russia hacked the Democratic party emails to manipulate the 2016 election, or the fact that the US has admitted to having tipped the scales in Russia’s elections to keep the unpopular Washington puppet Boris Yeltsin in office in 1996; the absolute gall of the Democrats bitching about “election meddling” after they themselves violated the Impartiality Clause of their own Charter by deliberately weighing the scales of their presidential primary for Hillary Clinton is truly something to behold in and of itself. The Impartiality Clause reads as follows:

“the Chairperson shall exercise impartiality and evenhandedness as between the Presidential candidates and campaigns. The Chairperson shall be responsible for ensuring that the national officers and staff of the Democratic National Committee maintain impartiality and evenhandedness during the Democratic Party Presidential nominating process.”

The conversations in the more egregious DNC leaks in which Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz was included and even participated, the Podesta emails showing that the DNC and the Clinton camp were colluding as early as 2014 to schedule debates and primaries in a way that favored her, and then-DNC Vice Chairwoman Donna Brazile acting as a mole against the Sanders campaign and passing Clinton questions in advance to prep her for debates with Sanders very plainly and undeniably reveal a brazen assault on American democracy in this violation of their promise to the American people. And yet even the Democratic leaders who were directly implicated in this act have the balls to preach sermons about the evils of Russian election meddling. I swear Donna Brazile could walk right up to you, punch you in the throat, blame it on the guy behind her and stroll right into church with a beatific expression on her face.

2. Conspiracy theory

Nothing upsets a corporate Democrat like talking about the deep state, Seth Rich, or Pizzagate. Because some guy shot a pizza parlor’s floor in DC and Rich’s parents don’t like the controversy surrounding their son’s death, talking about these things gets you called an evil monster peddling “debunked” conspiracy theories, and yet these same people have no qualms whatsoever about peddling a conspiracy theory of their own which has far less evidence behind it, and which has potentially world-ending consequences.

As we’ve discussed extensively, there is not one shred of evidence anywhere that Trump colluded with the Russian government to win the 2016 election, and there never will be. If any such evidence existed to be found, the US intelligence community’s vast surveillance networks would have picked it up and leaked it to the Washington Post back in November. If anything, what will be discovered is some corrupt financial ties, perhaps in Russia and in other nations as well, which can be easily found with Hillary Clinton and pretty much anyone else near the top of America’s corrupt corporatist oligarchy. Which is fine — by all means please investigate all corruption in Washington — but if you’re going to try to stretch it into baseless claims of collusion and treason, that’s called conspiracy theory. I’ve got no problem with conspiracy theorists in general, but Russiagaters are certainly the dumbest and most annoying of the bunch.

3. Bigotry and prejudice

The Democratic party built its entire presidential campaign upon the argument that Donald Trump is a racist, xenophobic, homophobic demagogue, so the American people must therefore rally against him. Since losing the presidential election, the Democratic party has revised its entire political strategy around an argument that is steeped in racism, xenophobia, homophobia, and demagoguery, and called the American people to rally behind it. One of the primary architects of the current Democrat-led Russia hysteria, James Clapper, has been making multiple comments in different venues asserting that Russians are genetically predisposed toward nefarious subversive behavior. The so-called March for Truth rallies have seen the rise of incredibly xenophobic rhetoric. The constant homophobic jokes about Trump and Putin got so bad throughout the first half of 2017 that gay rights activists have had to speak up in large numbers to curb it. The Russophobic national sentiment these Democrats have been advancing has turned them into everything they claim to oppose.

This is on top of the ongoing way the Democratic party has been exploiting minorities and disadvantaged groups by refusing to fight the economic injustice which hurts them first and foremost while demanding their votes under the threat that the Republicans will take their civil rights as well. This despicable scheme with the GOP has been used to walk the victims of bigotry and prejudice into supporting an unjust system that hurts them more than it hurts anyone else using the carrot of protection and the stick of persecution to extort them into voting Democrat instead of fighting the two-headed one-party system and pushing for genuine revolution.

4. Shilling

Not a day goes by anymore where I don’t get called a Kremlin shill by at least one or two Democratic party loyalists. They only say this because in today’s fact-free McCarthyist feeding frenzy, painting anyone who questions the establishment narrative as a subversive psy-ops agent working for a hostile government is just what you do now. It’s seriously considered a perfectly normal and acceptable way to conduct political discourse in corporate liberal circles, to the extent that they often react with shock and outrage when they are informed that it isn’t.

This is bizarre, of course, because the Democratic party is known to employ online shill armies to advance the narratives being promulgated by Dem think tanks. This didn’t start with the notorious Correct the Record shill campaign which confused and distorted all online discourse during the 2016 election cycle, but with David Brock’s “army of nerd virgins” who patrolled the internet protecting Hillary Clinton’s reputation two years earlier. There has been no indication from the Democrats that they will cease the despicable tactic of paying party operatives to pose as ordinary citizens and run interference on internet forum conversations, or even that they have stopped doing so since the election; the only reason we ever knew about Correct the Record’s shill campaign was because campaign finance laws mandated that such super PAC expenditures be reported. Shills employed to defend the Democratic party in general would not need to be disclosed anywhere.

5. “Cozying up to Putin”

The negotiations with Russia that Obama spent most of his administration trying to keep peaceful are now being shrieked of as treason by the Democrats who adore him whenever Trump so much as hints at moving toward a less intensely hostile relationship with the only other nuclear superpower on the planet. Even refraining from harming Russian civilians with senseless sanctions is considered absolutely unthinkable in the Democratic establishment, which has admitted that the sanctions are geared toward the goal of hurting Putin’s popularity, ostensibly to get him ousted from office.

Realizing that Obama’s much saner stance toward Russia is making their “cozying up to Putin” conspiracy theory rhetoric sound hypocritical, establishment media has been slowly shifting the narrative toward a gentle condemnation of Obama’s decisions in that area, as seen in the recent WaPo article featuring anonymous insiders from his administration discussing how he “choked” with his “modest” and “largely symbolic” response to the alleged Russian election meddling which left Moscow “unlikely to face proportionate consequences.” The days of Democrats laughing with Obama at Mitt Romney for his Cold War rhetoric toward Russia are a distant memory, and the fact that they are sounding more and more like the Republican neocons they once despised is still completely lost on these horrible hypocrites.

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