11 Things You Should Know About Me And Where I’m Coming From

1. On a political compass graph I look like this:

2. I’ve only been doing this for a little over three years.

3. I see the US-centralized oligarchic empire as the primary enemy of human thriving.

4. I see propaganda as the primary obstacle to ending the oligarchic empire.

  • We live in a free and democratic society
  • Your government is your friend
  • Capitalism is totally working just fine
  • Putin is trying to take over the world
  • Maduro must go
  • Assad must go
  • The governments of Iran, North Korea, and every other nation which doesn’t bow to imperialist interests must go
  • Assange is a rapist Nazi Russian agent who mistreated his cat so it’s good he’s locked up
  • The TV would never lie to you

5. I sincerely believe we can win this thing.

6. I believe it’s going to take a shift in consciousness, and that that shift is in the mail already.

7. I oppose all forms of racism and prejudice.

8. I regret the following decisions in my career:

  • Ever having anything to do with Zach Haller
  • Using Mike Cernovich, who I have nothing to do with, as an example of a conservative I’d overlap with to fight establishment narratives. I should have used Ron Paul. My haters still currently attack me for collaborating with Paul, but he would have been a better and less distracting example.
  • Not responding earlier, stronger and more skillfully to the “Caitlin is a secret Nazi” smears
  • Appearing with Robert David Steele
  • Saying anything about Pizzagate at all
  • Getting into a Twitter argument with antisemites in a way that produced screenshots that can be spun out of context to make me look like the antisemite

9. I actually love America and Americans.

10. My work is done with my husband Tim Foley

11. Here’s the kind of world I’m trying to help create:



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